Restaurant Review: The Shiori, Bayswater

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of some food blogs, this equation is a bit of a moot point, when the pictures are so blurry / orange / flash-exposed that you feel sorry for the chef, and the words are a listing of What-I-Ate peppered with adjectives in the vein of ‘delicious’, ‘tasty’,  ‘yum’ and ‘nom-ilicious’.

Previously tiny sushi […]

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The Wine Society – Half-Price Membership Offer

I do like a good offer. And what could be better than a wine club, voted National Wine Merchant of the Year (2012 & 2011), which I’ve been meaning to join for ages, offering half-price lifetime membership if you join before 31st December 2012?

I hastened over to to buy my ‘share’ in this co-operative company whose aim is […]

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TigerBites: Bone Daddies Ramen Bar, Soho

Bone Daddies Review

Queue at 7.30pm

The one good thing about London restaurateurs’ current obsession with not taking reservations is that 5.30pm is now a perfectly acceptable time to meet for dinner. Whether your boss will think so or not, as you scoot out the revolving door at 5pm, is another matter entirely.

Thankfully, both my dining companion and I are our own respective bosses (at least on a Friday), so we dutifully turfed up outside Bone Daddies at 5.45pm, and prayed for our early-bird keeness to be rewarded. As we left, almost two hours later, our prayers were answered with a queue that snaked round the inside and out the door.

Bone Daddies review ramen

So is it worth the queue?

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DragonDrinks: Vendanges on Bond 2012

The invitation plopped through the letter box in a shiny silver envelope.

An Evening of Luxury Shopping and Fine Wine Tasting

By invitation only


Meet some of the world’s most prestigious wine and Champagne makers hosted by the exclusive brands of Bond Street

In partnership with Decanter magazine

I thanked my lucky stars I’d just taken out a subscription and promptly dispatched a message to my wine-loving friend, K.

The day of the event, the list of winery participants was perused (and googled). I hadn’t heard of the majority, but the names I did know (Gaja, Nyetimber, Louis Roederer) were definite cause for excitement.

Come the evening, the Christmas lights on Bond Street were all a-glitter, and we gaily traipsed into our first stop, Prada, who were the Gaja host for the evening. The doorman checked our invite, a ridiculously handsome man proffered chocolates on a tray and we made a beeline for the second stunning man who held a tray of wine glasses. So what were we drinking tonight?

“A chardonnay and, um, a merlot, I think,” he replied.

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What We’re Reading/Watching – Nov 2012

For hungry tigers:

As Not Seen on TV — Restaurant Review: Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square (NY Times) — A ‘scathing’ review of Guy Fieri’s restaurant in Times Square which has apparently ‘gone viral on Twitter’, and is entirely written as a string of questions. There have been a ridiculous number of follow-up articles (here, here and oh my goodness it’s even been used as a educational tool here) but what’s incomprehensible is how the American press seem to think that the original review, […]

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Waitrose Watch 14/11/2012: Belazu & Steens Manuka Honey

Walked into my local Waitrose to buy some yoghurt. Ended up finding (and buying) not one, but two, of my favourite splash-out-because-it’s-worth-it products on discount:

Belazu Balsamic Vinegar of Modena – 25% off – £9.74 (was £12.99)

I first heard of this balsamic on the Radio 4 Food Programme a few years ago. Belazu apparently age this product using the same […]

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Tasting: Pinot Gris, Vins d’Alsace

Is gris the new noir? Perhaps, at least in my wardrobe. But when it comes to Alsace, both pinots play a definite second fiddle to the virtuoso tune of racy Riesling. After all, when was the last time you ordered an Alsatian pinot in a restaurant?

Always a fan of the underdog, Thirsty Dragon headed to a recent Alsace Wines tasting to see […]

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TigerBites: Burger & Lobster, Soho

You know a new restaurant (or mini-chain of restaurants) has blown its way out of the trend-seekers-only bracket when your parents, down in the deepest depths of Surrey, have heard of it. Not only have they heard of it, their friends (also in the deepest depths of Surrey) are Facebooking about it.

To anyone who grew up with the idea that love is […]

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