TigerBites: Ramen Mondays @ Roka

Miso vs. Soy/Cha Siu

In his book and TED talk The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz puts forward the notion that too much choice can definitely be a bad thing. It stresses us out. It paralyses our decision-making. The thought of opportunity cost freaks us out.

He’d approve, then, of Ramen Mondays @ Roka. Down in the stylish, swanky depths of the Shochu Lounge, there’s no menu this lunchtime. It’s down to a choice of miso [...]

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Review: +(65)/plusixfive Supper Club, London

There was a pile of shoes in the hallway.

I wondered if this was at our host Goz’s request, or a lemming-like response started by someone with good East-Asian manners and thick socks. Either way, I reluctantly kicked off my loafers and, barefoot, followed our waitress (one of Goz’s friends) up into the living room-cum-kitchen. Like most modern flats, it was all wood floor and white walls, but jazzed up in this case with funky framed artwork, including a large bright-red ‘plusixfive’ poster painted on wood.

We were running a bit late, so the two tables (each with around eight seats in total) are full with happily chatting diners. They find us two seats, and thankfully we’re just in time for the first course.

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Italy Food & Wine: Winery Visit in Chianti, Tuscany

Tuscany. Land of cypress trees, holidaying Englishmen and, of course, Chianti.

There’s a tiny enoteca in the village, selling dusty bottles of local wine, and grappa in clear glass bottles shaped like bulbous ships. Classy, I sniff. To my horror, the boyfriend wants to buy one.

We can drink wine here? I ask the shopkeeper in my halting Italian. There’s light coming through the back of the shop, and I’m wondering if there’s a hidden bar out there – after all, [...]

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